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The Conversation About Race: We are casting for a multi-race round table discussion. The purpose of this conversation is to discuss the problems and solutions in regards to race relations across the country among People of Color. The conversation will explore the varied experiences we’ve had, our encounters, stereotypes etc. in order to push for more understanding and unity. We openly welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds, opinions, political affiliations and ethnicities to apply as we want to all a well-rounded and transparent conversation, We are only looking for panelists who are passionate about race relations.

WTTT x GoldBeams : A docu-series that follows the dynamic between Black men and Black women. The premise of this conversation is to explore the beauty, and oftentimes underrepresented, relationship between the two groups. We’re looking for panelists between the ages of 25-40 who would be well versed on the importance of this specific dynamic, as well as elements of it that need to change. 

Gray Series: We are looking for people with captivating stories and experiences regarding intimacy, culture, race, gender and sexuality. This series includes an open and honest conversation with a licensed therapist. You will be a part of an in-depth and transparent examination of your particular topic.  Please only apply if you are comfortable discussing these topics on-camera and are willing to honestly tackle these sensitive topics